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B} Leagues: Sign-Up
(19 Sep 13, 12:38AM)Sveark Wrote:
(18 Sep 13, 05:23PM)Million Wrote:
(18 Sep 13, 03:23PM)bballn45 Wrote: whopxer,
(26 Aug 13, 11:33AM)Medusa Wrote:
// Name: -dyH|whopxer
// Ban date: 2013-08-23
// Ban reason: using a modified/cheat client in a public server and admitted it
// Demo: http://www.mediafire.com/download/nb6r4vo6hgtkoao
// Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/W7d176Tx
Demo, connects ~9mr with a modified client

Uh ?

No cheating was done by whopxer in the game, the demo to which the blacklist entry provides. As you may have noticed, I was participating the game, he wasn't cheating. But also read the pastebin thing. Medusa imagines herself to be the Goddess Of Black List, see how intensively she punishes people, lol.
I really appreciate this Sveark but I really do thank Medusa for taking me off of the DES| blacklist. I did not get as punished as I probably deserved, because using a modified client should never be justified. Lets not focus on my situation anymore and focus on the B} tournament. If you wish to bring this up, make another thread.
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DES is in for silver :)
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(19 Sep 13, 02:48AM)Twist Wrote: DES is in for silver :)

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w00p will play :)
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Top .45 lineup has a chance to trash silver league but i understand what robtics is saying. They're a high-level mid-skill team (no offense intended). If they dont want to split their team, maybe allow them silver, but with a quick opportunity to move up.
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FD* will play :-) (maybe we can get a team for silver league, we are discussing it)
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Mixed Teams, Y U NO SIGN UP??
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The main goal of this event is to keep cubers playing competitively through the post-ACWC Fall Season. Also to get more players playing. Normal tournies, lower skilled teams won't play or they will play and lose 35-0 and be out(hooray 30 mins of action). Then the good teams have a handful of players being benched. We want everyone having the chance to play, and to be on a somewhat even level with their competitors.

I see a few pro clans having trouble making Silver teams because they fear they are too good. Maybe a Gold-Silver gap isn't enough. Next time(Spring) we may have to expand a Bronze League, which would probably end up being quite small. I'd like to see 6+ teams per league. We'll see how the turnout is and how this one runs before deciding on adding Bronze to the Spring lineup.

(17 Sep 13, 08:52PM)Waffles Wrote: If this would be an ongoing league, it might be better to use past results to deem rankings. Even having the "top" clans for each rank playing skirmishes against ranks of higher level for a chance to earn bonus points for some reason.

Heyo. Trying to keep it simple. Expect an overall power rankings list at the end of the event, weighted a bit against Silver teams so they can never get too high, but can end up ahead of poor gold teams. Secret B} math will go into it, I assure you. So teams can see their improvement or lack of improvement next time. Really simple, but yes. :3
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I'd rather like to see it kept simple ... just as AC itself ;) It already nice to (hopefully) have a working league, no need to overload some people with work - this is all in all only a place to pass spare time and have a nice time.

btw: you can apparently vote more than once on that poll? :s for future polls I highly suggest using something else, as pointed out above we as .45 could have gotten everyone to vote what we wanted aswell. easiest would probably be to just use a poll here.

looking forward to play anyways! and Waffles: definately no offense taken :D
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Due to forum downage, the start of these will be moved to October 7th

.45, please take at least 3 of your best and move them to a Gold .45 team.

I have a couple silver sign-ups with STK & |Ax|

condy/someone else from that clan, pretty sure I messed up your tag, feel free to correct me. :D
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I would like to sign-up |#LC*| for the silver league, all members that are currently active will participate, you will find a list of them on our website @ www.legendary-cubers.tk !
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(26 Sep 13, 09:47AM)Elite Wrote: |#LC*| for the silver league

wat? :D
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(26 Sep 13, 09:47AM)Elite Wrote: I would like to sign-up |#LC*| for the silver league, all members that are currently active will participate, you will find a list of them on our website @ www.legendary-cubers.tk !

Serious. Judges!
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(26 Sep 13, 10:16AM)Vanquish Wrote:
(26 Sep 13, 09:47AM)Elite Wrote: |#LC*| for the silver league

wat? :D

No joke there, we will start playing in silver league, if we are good enough we will try gold league.
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STK# For silver :)

Team : STK#Condy , STK#PiToN , STK#GREMiO , STK#Myth and STK#IGC !
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Where the Leagues Bronze? JK

uRs ok for play

uRs = Pufe, Yang, Leko, Nightwolf, .Z!ll!uM~ and Future.

probably have more players to split between the two i'll write here!!!!

thanks noobs!
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As f0r3v3r told me in IRC the other day, |AX| signs up for the silver league.

|AX|: Vanilla, madcat, ToTxD, AtoMz, Casuis.
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LC poll.

Again, it's very flawed, but it's only for this time around, not trying to be too picky about teams. Future versions will have a council to throw new teams into appropriate skill tiers, while teams playing this time around can do poor enough to qualify for a lower league next time, or do too good and be forced into a higher league next time(by winning %, specific numbers kept secret).

(26 Sep 13, 03:41PM)ursopufe Wrote: Where the Leagues Bronze?

Spring's B} Leagues will have one if we get enough sign-ups this time around to show we can support 3 tiers. Mostly because the current Silver has a large skill gap.
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I highly doubt LC will be able to split their team
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(26 Sep 13, 07:40PM)Robtics Wrote: I highly doubt LC will be able to split their team

I can agree on that, we wont be able to split our team. We can be happy if we find 3 LCs online at the same time.
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Ok, things look like they are coming together great here so far....Glad to see the forums are back up....
Thank you D3M0NW0LF and Nightmare, for getting |Ax| added in to Silver....
After some clan discussion, our current roster would include the following...
We are still feeling out interest and confidence between some of our other players, but this would at least give us a squad of three with subs if needed....
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Then the LC poll is mostly about switching them to Gold. :)

Map poll complete, be ready to play any of these maps.

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Can i register my team for silver and gold ? but one player for play two modes ?

Example :

Team for gold :

Condy , " PiToN " and IGC

Team for silver :

" PiToN " , Myth and GREMiO ?
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Yeah sure.
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(16 Sep 13, 09:48PM)Vanquish Wrote: Looks awesomez, nice work!:D

Vanquish is a good player!!!!!

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Yo Nightmare, letting you know Casuis said he won't be participating in the B} leagues due to his inactivity in ac.
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when is the deadline to register a team?
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October 6th
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Full list of |Ax| members participating:

• Vanilla
• madcat
• Graziano
• Houdini
• ToTxD
• Mash
• Atomz
• AxOuL

See : http://aox-clan.net/?p=454
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KUT is in it!! No competitive intention, but we would like to gib some of you.

Players: DeathCrew, Tokatore, tb@b, Saw_Joker, King, Gagaalla, Blaze

P.s Silver of course :P

And this is our official member list: http://wiki.cubers.net/action/view/KUT
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