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hey so my clan was thinking of a new tag, and we thought of GunZ| but i kinda think there was a clan with that tag before, and i dont want to take their tag, so does anyone know if there was a clan with that tag before?
i know its a stupid question but i just dont want to be stealing someone else's tag.
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If I can remember from history, I don't think people have used that tag. But if I try and think about it, it seems familiar in my head, so i'm not too sure, but I don't think there was.
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yes there was a clan with the tag GuNs"|
I dont know if it's still active anymore.
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oo ok thanks
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(31 Aug 10, 02:59PM)BrickSquad Wrote: lol just choose whatever name you like, its not everyone elses clan

a quote by the famou...oh wait, you said that your self :D
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yeh but its different when im not trying to take somone elses tag, goodtry though.
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Yeah, I'd say that its different.
Sorry yata.
* Ronald_Reagan gives sympathy hug
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Depends if you want to keep the clan name or not. If you will then you will have so many options; no limit. It's your clan and I think you should just sit and just think of names for the clan and think how the tag will look like. It's a fact that how the tag looks like also helps for new members to be interested for your clan. If it's something fugly like YrTr| then, oh well...
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Gunz is a 3rd person shooter by ijji
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oo lol cool
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hmm, i now see my post is wrong, i tried :)
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tried to make me look stupid? yeah
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I haven't seen it before.
"Gunz" with a "z" is stupid.
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youz don't put a "z" at the endz of your wordz?
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(03 Sep 10, 07:27AM)DES|V-Man Wrote: >>>>youz<<<< don't put a "z" at the endz of your wordz?

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carnifex i dont really care if u think gunz with a z is stupid :/
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Any name with a 'z' at the end is stupid.
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Lol i get it
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(03 Sep 10, 05:41PM)jamz Wrote: Any name with a 'z' at the end is stupid.

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With the exception of Jamz and Bukz.

BrickSquad: I never said you had to care.
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lol ok im just expressing my opinion just like you :D
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