1.0.4 MasterServer problem
Since last saturday our 2 1.0.4 servers are no longer listed in masterserver. The 1.1 servers are fine, and they have same rotation so I bet it's not a fault on our end.

Our 2 servers IPs are:

I've tried to contact flowtron as suggested in another thread but I couldn't find him around yet on either IRC nor forums.

Can anybody help?
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On the #assaultcube channel on a Saturday, is normally when flowtron can be found.
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Thanks I'll check this saturday, but I hoped someone could have helped earlier :(
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I still couldn't find him this saturday, so I'm bumping this.
It seems that our servers was removed by the masterserver list by request, a request that was completely unjustified as our servers has always been running within the rules.

If anyone can finally fix this situation I'll be grateful.
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Try sending RandumKiwi a private message, I think flowtron has his PM feature disabled.
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Thanks Bukz, just sent him a PM :)
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Quote:flowtron has his PM feature disabled.

thanks to morgankell
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Ok flowtron just fixed the problem, this can be closed.

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Glad you got it all sorted Cunin. :)
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