Uploading and Downloading maps/mods/scripts/other content
AssaultCube has a wide variety of custom content made by community members, such as maps, models, scripts, textures, HUDs, as well as source and gameplay modifications.
The majority of these are uploaded to sites that exist specifically to host this content. If you missed it on the front page - these main sites;

http://www.akimbo.in/forum/ - Akimbo is an AssaultCube dedicated site where users can upload anything and everything that changes any part of the game (of course, except for cheats and illegal content).
http://quadropolis.us/ - Quadropolis is a Cube-engine content site, that includes the original Cube, Sauerbraten (cube2) and AssaultCube.

Most players prefer downloading content from these sites from download sites (eg. mediafire) as they are centralized and can comment and provide feedback.

Of course, posting a thread here linking to your content is also a good idea, as some people don't check these sites and you are more likely to get more hits the more places you put it up.

Again, remember to follow all 'legal' procedures (ie. don't claim someone else' work as your own) and most importantly, hf.
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Remember, before posting on akimbo, have a read of the packaging rules.

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