Request: Gema modded server
I know that there is a gema modded server at gema.***.cc:*** but sometimes its not up. I was wondering if anyone had a server mod like this that i could download so that i could host the server locally and play it whenever i wanted to.

thanks in advance
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Make it yourself. But really, why do you need a special GEMA server if you're gonna play locally (alone)?
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locally doesnt necessarily mean alone gibstick. and i have no knowledge of cubescript to make something like this.
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Yarr, you need more than cubescript, you need whatever source the server is written in. Enough of me bothering you.
*steps out*
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AFAIK The Gema server at gema.***.cc:*** is always up, but if you want a copy of the server you can ask TheKiller who owns that server, or you can go to the Gema forums the link you have to ask someone in game on the server. But you'll obviously have to credit him as creator of the server.
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i think the server is like a change of 5 lines of code.
i will do one when i get some time and release it if im allowed and its not breaking rules
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As long as it doesn't connect to the official network.
Meaning: start your own project based off AssaultCube - just obey the z-lib license.
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Why did you guys remove the IP and port? It doesn't connect to the MS so there are no violations.
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