Nazi Servers
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I want to apologize to the server admins I accused of being bad admins. I looked for more information about server configurations and their relationship with the masterserver in this new version. It seems that the masterserver "protects" the players' names with an authentication key. Furthermore, it seems that this protection has greater magnitude than a blacklist within the settings of each server. (It's not clear to me) In short, the real responsible for the player [SS]Hitler still being in this game, is the king himself. The masterserver could easily block this name. But he decided not to. The king insists on keeping players like Wagner, Undead, etc. in a permanent ban. And at the same time passively accepting an explicitly nazi and xenophobic player for all these years. (I believe that banning the nickname Hitler could solve most of the problem here in this game. There is a history of hate, ban evade, xenophobia, racism, etc. practiced by him using this nickname. Doing this sends a clear message against Nazism, etc.) Constant combat is important, victory will come with each fight. We have reason to never give up doing what is right.
I also want to say that all the clans that are still in the game are very important. These clans are undoubtedly keeping the game alive. Thank you for that.

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Demo [SS]Hitler X Wy6  <-------- Download
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