[Map] gema_ninja + gema_ctf_template
I guess nobody has been waiting for this, but finally I created my first parkour styled map (GEMA) for AC. It is somewhat inspired by Ninja Warrior, hence the name.

The map is playable in CTF-mode and separating both teams completely. This was a little tricky to pull off and isn't exactly perfect, but I'd say it works better than what we usually see in GEMA maps. I created a simple template, which has those separated flag bases set up already. From that template I built gema_ninja, so you can use that as an example for how to apply the template.

I tried my best to work around all the weird and frustrating stuff, that usually keeps me away from GEMA. It certainly isn't the most challenging GEMA you'll find, but it is playable with all primary weapons except Shotgun. So in case AR and Carbine seem too easy, try Sniper or even SMG. ;)

Download: gema_ninja+gema_ctf_template

Also, there's a little server (Jack's Backyard [EU] [GEMA]) hosting the map in CTF mode in case you feel like jumping right into it. Would be nice if we had more maps like gema_ninja on there. So get the template and start your (first?) GEMA map today! ;)

[Image: PbYF0f5.jpg]
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I'm not a big fan of GEMA style maps but I'm definitely going to check out a Floppy GEMA! lol

Unfortunately when I try to download the file it says "access to this shared folder has expired".
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