The Outshiners Tournament N°2
The Outshiners Tournament N°2 is about to start!

On December 21st 2020, The Outshiners clan was presented to the community. We presented ourselves as a competitive clan who seeks to enforce the competitive scene in Assaultcube. Considering that declaration of principles, we are very happy to present "The Outshiners Tournament Nº2"
This is a gaming event for Assaultcube players who want to show their abilities to the cube world.


1. The tournament will take the form of a traditional knock-out stage + double elimination tournament.
2. Different modes and maps are to be played.  (Details in #rules-o-2 Rules 2,3).
3. All players from the community are cordially invited to participate unless they were proven guilty of witchcraft (cheating) in the past 3 months.
4. Registration started on Tuesday January 11th, 2022 and ends on Friday January 28th, 21:00 hrs Chilean time (GMT -3) #registration-o-2
5. The competition will start on Friday February 04th, 2022.
6. After registration, players will be classified, according to skills, into 3 different categories: Class A (Best players), Class B (solid competitive players), Class C (improving players). Therefore, a team would consist of A, B, and C players (#rules-o-2 Rule 4).
7. The official information is available in the Outshiners discord .
8. Teams, Bracket, Maps, and Modes for each round will be posted after the registration process ends (Friday Friday January 28th, 21:00 hrs Chilean time (GMT -3))
9. We hope everyone has a quality time while participating in the competition. Therefore, we expect respect, motivation, understanding, and commitment.
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