[Download] Custom AC Blue Mixer Skins
Hello! Sorry for the delay, but I'm back again with another set of skins, this time it's blue mixer. I actually found this skin off of a reddit thread for a pack-a-punch camo in cod zombies, so I just took it from there. Here is the reddit post for credit: https://www.reddit.com/r/CODZombies/comm...lue_mixer/

Anyway, these skins are the exact same as the gold skins I made earlier, all I had to do was just change some jpgs around and that was it. This time there's 2 knife skins instead of 1, I made skins for both the machete and the tactical knife. Again, if any of you know the original creators of the gun models, lmk cuz idk where to find them. skin_hands.jpg by makkE. 

Here are the pictures for the set: 

Blue Mixer G36C for the assault rifle
[Image: bm_a.jpg]
Blue Mixer MP5 for the subgun
[Image: bm_smg.jpg]
Blue Mixer Crossbow for the sniper (with cyan dot crosshair included)
[Image: bm_cb.jpg]
Blue Mixer ks23 for the shotgun
[Image: bm_s.jpg]
Blue Mixer Carbine for the carbine
[Image: bm_c.jpg]
Blue Mixer Deagle for the pistol
[Image: bm_p.jpg]
Blue Mixer Machete for the knife (1)
[Image: bm_m.jpg]
Blue Mixer Tactical Knife for the knife (2) 
[Image: bm_tk.jpg]
Blue Mixer Grenade Launcher for the grenade 
[Image: bm_g.jpg]
Similar to the gold skins, they look best on bright maps. 
Link to download skin set: Enjoy! 
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