[Download] Custom AC CSGO Skins [AWP Dragon Lore, AK47 Fire Serpent...and more]
Hello! You may not know who I am in the AC community because I am relatively new here, even though this game is 15 years old lmao. Anyway, recently I've found this game hella fun even though the game is old, due to the fact that I can play this game on my trash laptop without any issues xd.

Even though this game is way past it's prime, i mean, let's be honest, the game is kinda dead, I wanted to give back to the small community of players that still enjoy this game. Nowadays in 2021 this community is very closely knit, as everyone basically knows each other because they all play in the same servers that are still up all the time. I don't really know much about this forum and how active it is but I know that the game itself has an average of like 30-40 active players on it. I am releasing these skins for free use and not gonna put any licensing copyright bs on them, because I don't really plan to take modding seriously, this was just a thing I wanted to do in my spare time. These skins are derivatives from their original creators, but I can't really find any of their names anymore since stuff is just so old. Although I know for sure the skin_hands.jpg is by makkE, but other than that, idk where to find the other original creators. If someone knows who created the original skins for these guns I modified lmk so I can give credit, but for now, there will be nothin. 

Here are the pictures for each of the skins: 

AWP Dragon Lore skin for the sniper
[Image: AWP_Dragon_Lore.jpg]
AK47 Fire Serpent skin for the assault rifle
[Image: AK47_Fire_Serpent.jpg]
Glock Fade skin for the pistol
[Image: Glock_Fade.jpg]
Tactical Knife Doppler Sapphire skin for the knife
[Image: Knife_Doppler_1.jpg]
[Image: Knife_Doppler_2.jpg]
I've also extracted the ak47 and awp weapon sounds from csgo and put them in AC, directions for installing the audio (.ogg) files are on a text file.
Here is the google drive link to download the skins, directions to install them are on the text file.
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Can you also make the sniper do AWP damage? <3

nice job, definitely think I've spotted you in a pub once or twice
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(17 Feb 21, 08:17PM)Marti Wrote: Can you also make the sniper do AWP damage? <3

nice job, definitely think I've spotted you in a pub once or twice

haha no, i wish i could, but it would upset the balance of the game as it is rn.
Thanks, yea, you've probably seen me in pubs sometimes.
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