Thread Lock After 90 Days Plugin
Or however long the setting is:

Just a suggestion that given the lower activity in this community "necrobumping" for relevant updates/feedback might not be a bad thing.

I find myself wanting to comment on user content etc and it's already locked; I imagine this is true for others and similarly inconvenient.
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thread will lock before devs reply
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(22 Nov 20, 07:45PM)al3rt Wrote: thread will lock before devs reply

who are you?
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It is currently set for 180 days. That's a long time for a thread to be ignored. If for whatever reason you find something you feel the need to have reopened, just PM me here or on discord or any other forum mod that might be active.
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Thing is, I don't anticipate anyone going through with that to share their opinion. It's not "urgent" but it can definitely be highly valued by thread authors/participators.

For my mapping client for example I had hoped to get more aimed feedback that I could act on but the thread kept locking.

I think the real question here (I'm open to a justified answer) is what actual advantage is there to this feature?

Threads are locked on the very first page in Mapping/Modding category. Don't know how extensive the settings are for the feature but perhaps this sub forum and the Proving Grounds should be immune?
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