Demos & Send Map help
So recently I re activated my server again after many many years. 
Since day one of having the server up and running I've been trying to activate DEMO'S
& SEND MAP to the server. I've had multiple clan members try to help me solve the issue 
with those switches. I know I'm probably doing something wrong, after all these years away 
I forgot somethings when it came to setting up my server again.

A&D_Jamz reached out to me last night on my server and told me my server will be blocked until
demo's are enabled. My server is named =MC=Clan Server!  

Here is a screen shot of what my switches look like, I'll feel so dumb if it is something so simple haha :P
[Image: Tn6H6Xx.png]

Thanks in advance guys & gals, 

Happy fragging,

- =MC=Tye
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We resolved our issue, may I ask for this thread to be deleted.


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