Help test the version in development
NOTE: This version is beta and has not received an update for two years.

Hello guys, I don't know if it is known to everyone, but there is a version in development (being developed slowly, but it exists).

It seems to me that many do not know this or do not have the knowledge of how to compile it for testing.

I have compiled this version to its current stage and available for download for anyone who wants to help test it.

Beware: this is a hotfix release, intended to allow Win10 users to play despite Win10 being buggy.

  Although this hotfix can be played on regular servers, it is not fully compatible.
  Coopedit will not work. Some maps will not work. Maps edited here will not work on old clients.
  There are slight changes in physics, so don't use this client to play competitively.
  Since this is based on the latest game development, you may notice other changes :)

Temporary removed Download here - Only for windows :(

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Send your feedback to the developers here.
We'd better try to fix something before it's too late.

I'm not going to list what has changed so far because I don't speak English, it's hard for me to communicate with everyone but here I am, using the Google translator to write this post, if someone understands Portuguese-BR and wants to help make this list, I'm willing to talk about the changes that I know, I will be grateful for that.
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Hi there, i will try this version. thanks for effort
best regard
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A new AC version? Wow, never saw this coming.
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(03 Jun 20, 09:58PM)SamGamgee55 Wrote: A new AC version? Wow, never saw this coming.
it's more for a beta version.
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Jesus. If this version comes out anytime soon. Let's say goodbye to gema. But I liked the new mapping features alot.
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what is the new things in this beta? can you do a list please? why it is removed link?
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