Mac OSX how to instal maps?
Hey guys, it's me again.

I'm trying to brought friends to AC community, to enlarge players on AC servers.

I sent custom maps to theme who use  Mac OSX.

But they had problem to unzip the maps in assaultcube folder.

I didn't found nothing in AC doc' about it....

only that:

  • On Mac based systems: ~/Library/Application Support/assaultcube/
Note 1: There will always be a version number appended to the end of the folder name.
Note 2: On Linux ~/ stands for "/home/YOUR_USERNAME" and on Mac for "/Users/YOUR_USERNAME"

Then my friends tried to unzip the map inside the folder, but it was impossible to unzip or copy any file inside this folder. like no authorized. they said it's look like AC folder is recognized as  a pen drive. (external/portable)

Someone understand something about that? I'm nooby at Mac Osx and unfortunately can't help them :(

thanks for reading
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On Mac you can open profile folder from launcher.
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