Map: ac_trome (HD subway map)
Hello Guys ! This is my new map, inspired on Paris Subway and streets. HD content. Go to download it !

[Image: 5e8c6c625a8b1.jpg]


Map name: ac_trome
Author: [aCKa]Deathstar, Graffiti by 3BK ER TPK crews
Size: Large map (mapsize = 8)
Gameplay: CTF, TDM, DM, TS, Survivor, TOSOK, OSOK, PF, LSS...
Description: This map is inspired on Paris subway system. RVSF will spawn inside the subway as metro security guards, and CLA will spawn in an abandoned place in the street as vandal graffiti writers. The street  ambience is like a riot times with building on fire (skymap) and some hiding ghetto spot. You will have the possibility to discover metro's underground tunnels and technical ventilation & electric rooms system vandalized by real graffiti artist. I worked something like 80hours on this map, and it include custom textures, mapmodels and audio. 

More screenshots:
[Image: 5e8c6c61f0d53.jpg]
[Image: 5e8c6c625bf3a.jpg]
[Image: 5e8c6c623338e.jpg]

I Hope you will enjoy it and it will be played online :D
Waiting for your opinion and critics.
If you see any bug or missing files in the packages, tell me i will fix it. thanks ;)
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