Map eire
First ever try of making a map, was learning as I went along :P
You can tell me it's good/bad/etc :) 
and thanks to RKTnoob and Halo for the clipping help, cheers boyss :) 
[Image: A2jCR7q.png]
Download here :)
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Well, I told you that when you posted it I would give a proper review, so this is just that.
As a new mapper, there are a lot of things that stood out to me.

I like to start with the bad news because I like ending on a good note.
I would recommend more texture usage. Everything is textured near the same and I personally think it needs to be broken up with some sort of other texture.
I would recommend learning how to heightfield. There are a few places where the sand is very cubed and could us some sort of height panning out.
I would also suggest in the future making some difference between indoor and outdoor lighting

I would say, as a new mapper, you layout is quite good. Most new mappers (myself included when I first started out) make very bland/open maps. This for a first map seems very thought out and positive.
There is also a good deal of cover spots which is something a lot of maps lack. Sometimes you just need to get out of the firing zone and this map allows that.
There are some pretty well detailed spots as well. The arched ceiling in the blue base comes to mind straight away. As well as using various sand textures to add a spice of flare to the sand.

Other than those points above, I would also suggest sounds, though this admittedly doesn't really hurt the map much. Its just nice to have in some maps. Won't hurt or hinder game play any.
All in all, for a map that was made rather quick and for a first map, its a good effort. Obvious room for improvement, but that could be said for anyone, not just you. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing how you progress as a mapper.

Oh, I guess I'll grade it.
Overall 6 out of 10. Needs some work, but slightly better than most maps (I.E twintowers and headshot city). You can only improve from here!
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Released! Nice!
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