Counter Terrorist skins WIP
Hi guys! Here's a preview of some skins I been baking using Protox's retextures as base. They are meant to represent different CT factions from across the world, as they are depicted in Counter-Strike.


[Image: Ac4Wbrc.jpg]

Seal Team 6:

[Image: Rvh9t7q.jpg]


[Image: Ox5qZZ4.jpg]

GSG 9:

[Image: 0tVIRfG.jpg]


[Image: 477E3bR.jpg]

Gonna add some additional details, like their insignia, and the "POLICE" word on the back of their kevlars.
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Very nice, hope you won't abandon the project midway through ;)
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(25 Dec 18, 07:34PM)kemoni221 Wrote: Very nice, hope you won't abandon the project midway through ;)

Hehe I won't. Glad you like 'em, it's nice to have some feedback

BTW here are some things I been doing:

A new version of the GSG9, just because it has always been my favourite playermodel in CS and I wasn't happy with the previous version:

[Image: dTNp85z.jpg]

SWAT (I know they look like Hunk from Resident Evil but this is all about visual identity I guess):

[Image: rp7rlV1.jpg]

FSB (I used colors schematics from MGS grunts. I think they are simple yet nice):

[Image: PT4Mt39.jpg]

I'm not too sure on adding more things to the basic template as I said back in my previous post, because it would be such a pain in the ass

Hope you like 'em, have a nice day :3
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