Plasma rifle / custom skin for AC (carbine)
I didn't know much about AC's muzzle flash sprites so I decided to do some testing, and I found one cool sprite (bottom right corner) that pushed me into making this model

This model includes regular and team textures for the team script + CrAzY sHoOtInG SoUnd + a stolen hand model (sorry, I tried to do my own, but god damn is it painful)

[Image: OsDB0MK.jpg]

I decided to not make a world model because I'm lazy
(btw if someone could tell me the recommended/max model size for a world model that would be great)

Download link:!5Et3BLrZ!nq8q__ZO6f1sQ...1OyycJOd88

Team script link:
Thanks given by: D3M0NW0LF , Boomhauer , |HP|
Haven't seen new weapons mods in a while. Thanks for uploading!
Thanks given by: kemoni221
Looks great as always! I'm also glad to see you experimented with the particle system! Hopefully we'll see some new mods that will take advantage of this! :D
Thanks given by: kemoni221