Server not listed
I have a server running and it is stuck at the message:

looking up

It gives no response.
I connected manually:

/connect 28763

That works fine. So port forwarding is OK.
It just doesn't get listed.

Anyone has any ideas?

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Is it Linux? Look in the /etc/resolv.conf and make sure it has a DNS server to look up masterserver address.

It looks like the home ISP though, isn't it? On Windows maybe you would need to check if 'nslookup' succeeds. It should have the DNS configured already of course.
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Thanks for your response.

It is Linux. DNS is working fine. I can ping and it gives response (IP:

Any other ideas?
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Is it hosted at home? You might need to try disabling the firewall in the router, then if it works you'll know you only need to make some firewall rules.
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Yes it is hosted at home.

Fact: I can connect using the command: /connect 28763

Do you agree that port forwarding and firewalls are not the issue?

FYI, I tried without firewall, but no success.
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Yeah, and with the normal configuration, such a firewall shouldn't interfere with a connection starting from inside anyway, but it was all I could think of. You already said you could ping it, so that was probably pointless anyway. I think I missed this somehow.

I don't know, try verbose and see if it gives you more information

Verbose mode. This enables additional log messages to be printed, including the server configuration files after parsing. Using this argument twice will also enable logging of DEBUG messages. Be careful as your logs will show a part-obscured version of the serverpwd.cfg file.
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Your server was banned in 28.11.2017, because it had only 1 map in maprot. I just removed the ban, but please follow the rules:
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Ah OK, thanks! I see it is working now.
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Now it is not working any more. Is it banned again?

I made a new thread for this, because i got no replies here.
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