ac_isla CTF map
Profits were badly declining for team RVSF. Paying for a decent helmet en grenade was getting more and more difficult. And in bad times RVSF decided to get into smuggling. They started up a successful trade route and RVSF brought forth some mighty kingpin's. They ended up having a base on this small island previously a pirate hide-out. But hey, if there is profit to be made more parties with bad intentions try to get their share. CLA, having trouble getting funds for their war, decided to attack the RVSF base on the small island. They raised their flag close to the city gates. Now this underground war is about to break loose!

Check for minimap and screenshots here:
Let me know if you have any thoughts on this map!


Ps. I'm sorry for the packages as I am nooby on that issue. I guess you have to copy/paste some of the stuff yourself if it doesn't look like on the screenshots. Let me know if it's wrong!
Thanks given by: 1Cap , Pi_Halo , SamGamgee55
Very well done YWC. Nice to see someone is still mapping out there. I like man. Keep up the good work!
Thanks given by: YesWeCamp