Warning Masterserver registration failed
okay, so i have some questions about "how to make your own server on PC".

First i want to mention that "simple port forwarding" is a great software for this, but it doesent work for me, i cant find my router on the list, it is ZTE MF283+.
So i started to make it on my own, in the router and the firewall.
i have done many things i have done ports (28763-28764) in the port forwarder inside my router, also i made Access in firewall so evrything goes well, in the assault cube documment i can find server wizard and server,
when i open it it is displayed in Black screen and it says after 2 minutes "Warning Masterserver registration failed pinging server" what i can do when i open the assault cube, i can just jon into my own server as lan server, so just me and people who connects into my router can actually connect to the server which is on my PC. so does anyone Know how to move the server to the masterserver, so the registration can success so i can publish the server.

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Hi, look at your router settings for something like "DMZ Host", it will do the job of forwarding the packets in case of  misconfig, you just have to put you current local ip there and save, then  try to open the server again. btw, this helped me alot since i have more than 1 server configured, but beware, i dont know if it is something with the server files or maprot, but there's a chance you server fail to register even after the correct port forwarding or dmz.
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Make sure your Ip is static.
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Summary after our conversation:
1. use official AC, and not some unsupported AC portable;
2. use server.bat in terminal in your Windows instead of server_wizard.bat, at least till connection to MS will work;
3. make sure, that you set public IP and not local in router/firewall settings;
4. yesterday your server several times registered to MS.
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Delacroix,  Boomhauer & grenadier thank you all, you have helped me a lot since i started to make it on my own, and this  reply's were very helpfull for me, and now i can set it without any problem, once again, thanks guys, you are awesome!

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