Competitive League
Hey there,
Are some guys on this forum, who are interested in setting up a competitive scene in assaultcube?
I usually enjoy a more competitve experience in games, so i'd like to know if there some players out there, who feel the same way. The technical hurdle for most esports titles is quite high, if you don't want to build a dedicated desktop computer for this. Assaultcube would be quite a nice alternative there, as it runs nicely even on todays netbooks.
Since servers are not a big trouble here, the technical requirements would be quite easy to set up and maintain. I myself own a Pi and would happily setup a server (or even 2?).
Twitch streaming is also an easy thing to do and with good mics as cheap as 30€ i don't see a (technical) problem even in casting a match.
But of course again... is there anyone out there, who is interested?
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This has been something that has interested me for a long time. But it's also been suggested many times. Even by me. I tried to get AC included in some eSports competitions, bet the interest wasn't high enough on their end. If I recall correctly there was a tally vote and we lost miserably. It would be cool, yes. But it would have to be homegrown, and would be difficult to gain any sort of popularity. But I'm down to be involved, as useless as I am. I do believe we have way more servers already than we need, though.
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Let's see if there are more guys out there wanting to homegrow a league.
We'd need:
- some teams (with 2 or 3 players i guess?)
- someone willing to organize the match ups
- one or two casters with a good broadcasting setups (i can help with that, quite cheap these days) if we want to do some twitching
- some server we can use for the matches
It may seem a bit overkill for the popularity of this game, but it sure would be fun to set this up.
I myself am not the best player, but i can organize the matches. Not too sure about casting.
Let's see if there are more than 3 people willing to participate here. :D
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You can cast and stream ac with a potato lol. Been there done that! I suggest you take a look at the AC World Cup sections, and see if there are some streams/videos still available on youtube/twitch for you to look at. See if it resembles what you were thinking of. As for competition, there atm is very little reward in playing AC competitively vs other games, hence a lot of the old school "pros" generally moved on to other games
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With the good setups i meant mics and interfaces.
I watched the world cup streams. I don't know why (haven't been streaming ever), but the video quality is quite poor in the vids. Also the in game sound was too loud compared to the caster. It was quite hard to understand them.
Yeah the reward is poor, but aren't there any players willing to participate in a potential league?
I'm quite new to this community, so i can't really tell. :D
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I'd like AC to have a more competitive/serious side, too.

However, I'm not really into joining a clan and going through scheduled tournaments, because I don't have the time doing so. Actually, I really like CS:GO's competitive matchmaking, which allows you to play serious games, even as a lone wolf. Guess I don't have to explain that system here.

Looking at AC, I think ActionFPS is a good initiative and probably provides everything we need. The main drawback there is, to me anyway, is it not being part of the base game. That extra hurdle of logging on on some website and playing on another client kind of holds me back and doesn't quite fit AC's fire-up-and-kick-off nature all that well.

I have no clue what already may be going on in development, or what's the stance of the active developers regarding competitive play.
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(31 Jan 18, 03:30PM)JimiPb Wrote: but the video quality is quite poor in the vids. Also the in game sound was too loud compared to the caster. It was quite hard to understand them.

welcome to AC, the game with the best graphics.

I have noted your point about game sounds. I think I was asked by streamers to increase game sound actually. I will make sure (if it ever happens) that next time the casting/game sounds are better balanced.
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I didn't know about ActionFPS until now. Thanks for that. It looks like all i wanted to organize here.
Didn't know you are the guy behind the WorldCup. Very nice of you to set it up. If i can help there somehow i'd be happy to participate in any form.
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I'm not exactly 'the guy behind the worldcup' although I have helped organise things for it the last few years with some other guys. You might wanna check out ActionFPS' discord as well!
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