The fix for mouse glitch on Windows 10
Note: the following bug appears only in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, it is fixed in the newer April 2018 Update.

In the Fall Creators Update for Windows 10 (Windows 10 FCU, from the last quarter of 2017) Microsoft introduced the bug, that people experience random camera movement in SDL-based applications, so also in AssaultCube: .

To avoid this bug on Windows 10 FCU there should be used in AC older SDL1.2 library, v. 1.2.13 instead of default v. 1.2.14. This SDL 1.2.13 library with instruction for use in AC are on: .

On there is also new improved installer of AC, which uses the same binaries like version, but can detect Windows 10 FCU and use proper SDL library to avoid this bug. The installer delivers also more safe uninstaller, it adds "bulletairsound 0" to config/autoexec.cfg in profile as workaround for sound bug on Windows (sounds stop to play), in config/pcksources.cfg it has moved "" on the top of the server list (that is nowadays the only working official server with custom packages, thanks to X-Ray_Dog, which pays for maintaining the whole infrastructure for AssaultCube, if you want, you can send him donation on ).
It has also removed one huge unnecessary file, so the size of the installer is smaller than before.

PS. Original AC installer for Windows can be still found on .
Thanks given by: CharlyMurphie , hgf-arg , TheNihilanth
Microsoft fixed the bug in April 2018 Update, so the fix isn't necessary if you use this update.
So now the new installer installs SDL 1.2.13 library only on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (before it installed it only Windows 10 FCU or newer, because we didn't know, in what update the bug will be fixed).
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