Smooth hitmarkers
I've made a script and some crosshairs that emulate hitmarkers. They appear on hit and fade away over time. The crosshairs use dot crosshair as base, I can make other variants if there is interest.

Quick demonstration.

Steps to install:

  1. Download the crosshairs here. Unpack the archive into packages/crosshairs folder inside your AssaultCube installation folder, so that packages/crosshairs/hitmarkers folder exists.
  2. Download the script here. Put it into config folder inside your AssaultCube installation folder, so, as config/hitmarkers.cfg.
  3. Add this line to config/autoexec.cfg:
exec config/hitmarkers.cfg

  • The script is not compatible with other scripts that change main crosshair. In particular, if you have an older version of this script that adds 'onHitMark' to 'onHit', you need to ensure that 'onHitMark' is no longer persisted after upgrading to this new version: remove the old version, run '/delalias onHit' in game, and restart it.
  • Hitmarkers are shown when server registers the hit, so if you use '/hitsound 2' they can lag behind hitsounds or not appear at all if the hit is dropped.
  • Unlike hitsounds, hitmarkers do not trigger when spectating someone.

  • 2017-10-28: added support for 'zangetsu' and 'zangetsu1' base crosshairs. Added 'loadhitmarkers' command for switching base crosshair. E.g. try '/loadhitmarkers zangetsu'. '/loadhitmarkers dot' is still the default.
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