Custom Weapons Script [based on teams & game mode]
*UPDATE: Oct 18 2017*
Script is now version 4.0! Updated team kill messages (to allow for custom colors and blinking text), along with team sniper scope crosshair script have been implemented!

So, with special thanks and help from gy_be , we have been able to script a working, and functioning team related weapon script that loads custom directories related to CLA and RVSF in team modes! And while in non-team modes, defaults to the original weapon models.

to use it, simply place the file in your scripts folder (or if you want, you can also put it into config and add
exec config/team_weapons.cfg  to your autoexec.cfg).

Here is a quick demonstration, showing off the carbine for each team due to respective carbine_rvsf and carbine_cla directories being used, along with their respective huddigits.png being used in the misc folder.
Quick demonstration of the team frag messages
quick demonstration of the team scope crosshairs

Below are listed weapon directories

Download Team Modification
Thanks given by: Delacroix , |HP|
***bump*** added team skins bundled in within directory for default weapons. This will reduce any lag with the game needing to load new models/etc because cfgs use only one model for every weapon.

Example listed below (for pistol_cla and akimbo_cla)
Thanks given by:

Script is now live @ 3.0!

Change log:
-added code to existing script which allows for cla and rvsf huddigits
-added huddigits_cla.png and huddigits_rvsf.png to the misc directory
-added team frag messages
Thanks given by:

Script is now live @ 4.0!

Change log:
-added team sniper scope script
-tweaked team frag messages script to allow for customization
Thanks given by:

ended up getting bored enough and figured I'd make this... it gives the akimbo it's own world model. No more needing to worry if someone has an akimbo or not without having them shoot you first.

If you want the models, here ya go. Simply replace the akimbo directories respectively with the ones you want to use.

Just to make things clear incase you didn't see it in the spoilers... the micro uzi model was made by Cleaner, and all credits go to him

Akimbo Pistol
Akimbo Micro Uzi
Thanks given by: |HP|