Harps has this idea where everyone uses Discord for chat and IRC goodness. I'm down for seeing how many of you guys would like to use Discord so we've set up a little server for us to come hang out at.

Invite: https://discord.gg/3J2Kr98

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Seems like some of you are already using Discord so hit up the AssaultCube server!

IRC will never die, but is does have it's drawbacks. There are extra features such a scroll-back (persistent conversations), in-line images, emoji's & emotes, voice rooms. When new users connect and ask for help they can see when people were last active. Chat users can also be tagged, nice surprises.

I think setting up a pickup channel (inter) with bot shouldn't be too hard either if anyone wants to give it a go. Mobile app is decent as well.

Here's a half-way house to your new forum platform. Get it together, people!
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Added an info page, there are links there to help all players. Any decent link suggestions, DM me on Discord. 
I will create custom AC emoji today. ":)"

A memorable discord invite link: https://discord.me/assaultcube
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Added some (basic) custom AC emoji. Try them out!
To be added:
1. Pickup bot for Inter matches.
2. GitHub webhook.
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InterBot added! 

You can !add to CTF, TDM, DM or TOSOK pickups. Type !add <pickup>
Bot highlights & pm's you, suggests teams, server & picks a map from the current map pool for that mode.

Only got 20 mins? !add ctf <time> and bot will remove you in 20 mins.
Automatic removal when you go AFK or 2h.
Type !commands for list of available commands

Full command list:

Current Maps for [CTF]: ac_polar, ac_depot, ac_desert3, ac_gothic, ac_shine, ac_elevationac_urban.

Map pool will be rotated every four weeks, would like to swap out the "new map" (ac_polar) next time with another new map. This keeps it fresh and allows us to test new maps for future releases. There are also seperate voice channels for Inter teams.

Add up!
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why only this modes?  CTF, TDM, DM or TOSOK
Why only this maps?  ac_polar, ac_depot, ac_desert3, ac_gothic, ac_shine, ac_elevationac_urban.
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Other modes will be added right now. TSURV AND TKTF.

A map pool was added to test the bots map pool function. If players don't like it then it removed. Historically, all pickups with >N games have to include a map pool at some point to stop bickering over who gets to pick what and most importantly, to save time. I also would like to showcase the potential of regularly playing new maps from time to time so map makers can test these new maps for future releases.
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Is there any connexion between the chosen game mode and the maps list shufle?
If there will be, it will be necessary to define which maps belong to CTF, which belong to DM, etc.
And the good but less played maps? Will they enter into the options?
Example: ac venison, ...
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Yes there are seperate map pools for different modes. Try !maps DM and see for yourself.

Look. The map pool isn't set in stone, no one plays this yet. Also if you read my previous re-ly you can see that (for example) the map pool can be shuffled every 4 weeks. Over time we can figure out what the frequency of changes to rules like map pools and who picks what. :)
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CTF map pool removed by popular request.

Jamz could you please help get the GitHub webhook in place. I would like there to be GitHub reports in the #development channel. It is between you and X-Ray_Dog to do this really, as one has the GitHub access and the other has Discord access. Posting here because I might go afk for a while, summer break is over guys!! :) I would really appreciate this thank you.

GitHub example how-to is here: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/...o-Webhooks
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I'll be away from my PC until Thursday. I'll play with it then (jamz doesn't come here anymore btw)
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How many people use this discord?
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Averages around 15-20, with one new user around every 1.5 days. Peak users online simultaneously was 23 (not including bot), I think.

54 confirmed AssaultCube players have connected so far, not including half of the dev team/mods who are idling on IRC.
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Wtf xenon is alive
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surely we get on tonight for a inter
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I’d like to have Discord on the Assault Cube website menu bar. 

In AC terms Discord is equal or bigger than IRC now. With the user average increasing.
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As an additional update, the link is now at the top of the website next to IRC.
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