[Menu + script] Admin tools
Here is a script that adds some useful admin commands:
  • `aban CN [REASON]` - instant ban by client number.
  • `abanname NAME [REASON]` - instant ban by name.
  • `abanip IP [REASON]` - instant ban by (partial) IP.
  • `akick CN REASON` - instant kick by client number.
  • `whoare` - list IPs of all players without claiming admin.
  • `awhoare` - list full IPs of all players.
  • `findcnbyip` - get client number by (partial) IP.
  • `claimadmin` - claim admin.
  • `withadmin COMMAND` - execute a command as admin.
Most commands claim admin before use. Ban and kick commands automatically fail any existing vote. Ban commands work even when reason is not given. They also log full IP and can screenshot it.

The menu part of the script manages lists of servers where admin password is known, they are organized into groups sharing same password. A few groups are predefined. Press `X` (by default) to open the menu. For predefined groups just go into their sub menus and edit in your password. For other servers first create a group providing the password, then add servers to it. The script will automatically pick admin password on connect based on server IP.

To install the script, download it (see below), save it as `config/atools.cfg`, and add `exec config/atools.cfg` to your `autoexec.cfg`.


Thanks given by: Infinity , Delacroix , +f0r3v3r+