Dev-Pack for Mappers
This package contains a few textures (orange/grey) and two static props (player standing/crouching) designed solely to support mappers during early stages of development.

There's also a sample map named dev_pack.cgz and a corresponding config file, which can be used as a default.cfg for new projects following a 'layout first' workflow.

This won't be the most useful thing for 'regular' map projects because cube engine map editing works very well without rigid workflows anyway. However, when approaching a map from an explicit competitive point of view, it might help to get the basic layout tested and adjusted before proceeding with the art stuff.

Hint: The player props will be facing 90 degrees left from your viewing direction.

As usual, any sort of feedback is welcome. Thanks!

> Download
[Image: dev_pack.jpg]
Thanks given by: TheNihilanth , SKB , Delacroix , SrPER$IAN , Z3R0
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