Gone 5yrs
I just downloaded AC and haven't played in years.  Logging into forums says I haven't been here since 2012 lol.  It's sad to see maybe 5 populated servers at any one time when I remember seeing maybe 25 at a time populated.  I can only assume this has a lot to do with the banishment of GEMA.  Say I'm wrong but only 5 or so populated servers at a time makes it plain as day.  I mostly play team games anyway like CTF, TKTF etc but it's sad to see the popularity of the game so far from where I remember it five years ago.  IMHO let people play however they want and the crowds will be back.
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no man, u are wrong! devs knows better what players want to play, they are smart, active and hi-skilled gamers
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Pretty sure GEMA is not banished. It is just that one Nazi map that has been taken down. If GEMA Central is serving a ban time because of not getting rid of it then all you have to do is wait for Central to come back.
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I was never really a big GEMA player. I mean I did it just to see if I could then went back to CTF. Last night before bed I saw two populated servers up when there used to be so many full servers I'd have to wait. I'm sure GEMA is part of that but I'd love to see the game as packed as it used to be.
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What's your timezone? Could be influencing it.

Also morry, that is exactly the reason why they are coming with these amazing new features and tweaks kn the new update! Only highly skilled players could think of those tweaks
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hold on ............... give the guy a straight answer. DID GEMMA exist lol
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The crowds went away looooong before this "GEMA" thing. I mean when you were playing in 2012, things were already downhill. Here's why no one plays anymore:

1. The map restrictions imposed in one of the earlier versions that banned maps like EzJemVille and oldvillage made a lot of people lose interest. To many, the freedom in map structure was what differentiated the game from other FPS's. I, along with a lot of others, feel like AC was never the same after that.

2. People just got old man. Players who dominated the competitive scene in the late 2000s moved on. Many of them have professional lives and families now. I stopped because school and friends were more important. AC was a generational game. It's a very light-weight engine made by unpaid coders that was designed to be played on nearly all machines. Nowadays, people have Xbox 1 and Playstation 4. Serious gamers that don't have these have moved on to better machines and play more graphically-intensive games. So because the sizable community that once played this game has moved on, there have been very few people their places.

It's shitty but it's just kind of a fact of life man. It's what made me give up on making maps. No one's gonna play em haha

Welcome back doe
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