HUD Texture Question
Hi all, I'm experimenting with mods and I got a couple questions.

My first is, what's the difference between the files "items.png" and "items-tmp.png"?
The original texture files are identical as far as I can tell, and tmp sounds like it could be short for temporary.

My second question is, do the weapon icons that appear in items.png appear anywhere else other than at the bottom of the HUD next to the ammo count?

My final question is, are there any ways of increasing the resolution of textures?

Thanks in advance ;)
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Ad 1. Ignore "items-tmp.png".
Ad 2. I see in source code, that these icons appear only at the bottom of HUD.
Edit: Ad 3. Increasing resolution of png images should work, if you ask about "items.png" etc.
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highres textures:
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1. Good to know, thanks.
2. Also good to know, thanks.
3. So doubling the image size should allow the use of higher textures? And nothing will be bugged or positioned incorrectly?

And @stef is that just for player skins?

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No, the next version will also allow highres map geometry textures. Almost all other textures can be changed already.
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Ok, thanks.
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