Finally GEMA is removed.
just don't include a nazi map in the maprot and you should be fine?
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(02 Mar 17, 02:34PM)Marti Wrote: just don't include a nazi map in the maprot and you should be fine?

I've included info messages every (30 sec - 1 min) on Jelly Club |SE| and Marshmallow |SE| servers in case anyone that reads this finds confused gema players in game, redirect them to play there so they can find out how to connect.
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Lol very amusing this !
Normally I read the news while having a coffee but this is much more enlightening.

Last night I witnessed an Admin war. Now today I look at this and wonder what is really happening. For Shad to come here and make a statement, shows there is deep concern what is happening.
All we hear is snippets of the new realease. I am not going to deride Devs on this as in fairness they spend a massive amount of time investment in AC. But I would like the following.

1   Can a list of all mods that  recent devs have incorporated.

2.  Devs to be removed as admins of the forum. It is not demoratic that gren and stef can edit or delete posts. That should be done by an elected admin. Not a self appointed DEV.

3   I hate gemma, well in truth I am a rubbish player anyway so why stress myself out with gemma.

4    Why not have a poll and ask for suggestions before AC is modified.

5    Some clarity of the DEV structure should be made available. Meaning who is who and who is doing what.

6   The old chestnut. Admins in AC. Why allow a server, that has no admin control. Going by the saturation of bad players , trolls etc. Its about time that a server owner has to permit AC global admins. Like zz|hex one of the best admins in AC atm. For3v3r created  global admins on his servers and it works.

These are my thoughts and as I play this game everyday, I assume I do have a right to ask some of these questions. It bothers me that theres possibilities of other masterservers etc. This is happening because of the uncertainty of the developement of the game. Why not listen to the players. At the end of the day some of these players invest in servers and map making, scripting etc. Should they be ignored ????????
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Vector pirating a thread, very nice.
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Lol your welcome to delete my post Marti. It would not offend me in any way
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i'm not a mod so I can't

if i was this forum would be a much better place :)
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