Masterserver not replying (ban range?)
So i tried to connect  and masterserver stopped replying, the thing is, i was playing today untill 04:00 AM, thats when i shut down my server, at 13:00 PM, i started the game and server wasn't replying anymore, i searched all forum for a fix, tried the --mastertype=0 thing (my assaultcube.bat doesn't have this), and dont worked, before putting this, all servers were showing with players numbers and all info, after the code, no server showed. I stay almost all the time monitoring my server from an irc, i don't play that much, only when i'm bored and even when i do, hardly is on another server. I tried every solution i could find, really, i lost everything i had, all configs, all maps, everything. I started the server do avoid trolls and toxic players, it was really hard to create all the lists i've created and find out how to connect the server to an irc, since exodus ac forum is almost abandoned. I used to keep monitoring the server 9, 12+ hours, since i had the idea, can anyone help me?

Sry, didn't see that i've put the wrong one, this is the correct.
My Ip: -----Its changing ;(
Name: Zekken

27/02 (13:00 again?) - The same way i got blacklisted (idk what really happened..) suddenly, the game returned to show the server list, will be a long way to recover all the maps and configs i've lost, but at least game is now working, just wish to know what happened and why no one replied here.
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