The mountain become a hill.
Jesus I love this game I do. I keep trying , I keep wanting for this game to go on to the next level; and where are we.

I was going to put it all in a list, but in this instance I think I prefer to just say what I am really thinking as it rolls along.

I am struggling in my own way to try and keep clans going.
And then I see a turmoil with Vah. Forgod sake it has now got out of hand.
We have lost some talented people there.
This game needs talent. Oh yes we have wooooop or whatever but truth is ,in these clans are talented people.
I am so annoyed at the moment at responses from both parties, meaning AC police and VAh that has ended up with a mess .
In this clan are people with extensive talents in security and more........ people who could help AC, help AC to explore more.
Some are AI specialists , some linguistics , some are like me..........welsh dwarfs.(just mechanics lol)
Vahe and SDBS brilliant programmers or as u lot want to call scripts  and a bit more........
You may laugh, but I know another called fore3v3r who is clever as shit if you used him more.

It is time we get together now..........
we have the skills here if we put our heads together.............To make Ac something better ... (not the forum of course lol we love our wars in here)
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An illustrative exemplum of a cognitive dissonance.
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Ultimately, we're all here to play the game and have fun. We have a common goal, we just disagree about how to make that goal happen. You've lost two very good people.

To be clear, despite people's efforts, the VAH clan isn't going away. What we would like to do is work with the AC community to move forwards from this and to prevent this happening again to us or other clans. The alternative way forwards is that you can keep pushing people out until only admins and devs remain. I know which I prefer.

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Yeah! Read the docs and start AC improvement!
Help to bring this game to the next level!
Don't forget to comment your code. Go Go Go.

pls dont understand me wrong...
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(07 Feb 17, 08:24AM)1Cap Wrote: Yeah! Read the docs and start AC improvement!
Help to bring this game to the next level!
Don't forget to comment your code. Go Go Go.

pls dont understand me wrong...

I agree, let's start with some transparency.

How do I find the rules of the game, the current features and the suggested features? What is being done to automate moderators out of their job (moderators are always a sore subject)? Is the solution to stopping hackers just to block every IPv4 address? Etc, etc?

You banned SDBS for testing code in our server, despite saying:

>You MUST NOT connect to servers that are not yours with a modified client that contains changes
>that were not made for platform-compatibility or to fix bugs. This would be cheating. Thank you
>for supporting fair play gaming.

This suggests that the only way to test code is on your own server, which is what he did. You need some consistency in the rules and enforcement of them. The goal posts need to be fixed so that people can work to them.

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(07 Feb 17, 11:29PM)ExodusS Wrote:
The secret of happiness is: Find something more important than you and dedicate your life to it.

-Think deeply about it_
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In order to dedicate your life to something you need to first have a life.
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Pretty sure dead people can't comment on forums, ExodusS.
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