January 2017 - ActionFPS Tournament - Week 2
January 2017 - ActionFPS Tournament #2

It's a short tournament being hosted by ActionFPS. (From 2v2 to 8v8)

Beginning January 13, 2017 at 8:00 PM CET.

Meet up on the ActionFPS Discord or hang around Aura Match servers to get in touch !

It's an automated tournament, you just need to play your clan match on an ActionFPS server, as usual. The bracket will automatically be updated ! Map pool, format, rules and signup here.

You need to signup using your actionfps's clan ID ! 

Good luck and have fun !
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So from what I understand you could for example play a 2v2 in the first round and a 5v5 the second round?
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As long as it is a complete clanwar within the time given, it should work. =)

To clarify: A complete clanwar on ActionFPS consists of at least 2 games, with a possible tiebreaker. The team size must be the same throughout those games. So if the first game is a 3v3, then the second, and possibly third game, must also be 3v3.
The distinction is that between matches on the bracket, itself, the team size can vary from clanwar to clanwar, but that the games that comprise each clanwar must be consistent.
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Anyone want to pick me on his team??
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(10 Jan 17, 07:00PM)quico Wrote: Anyone want to pick me on his team??

start playing ac again!
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I will Honor <3
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Just make a mixteam and play with a tag of a dead clan that is registered on actionfps?
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no one pmed me to make a mixed team :C
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(11 Jan 17, 05:54PM)quico Wrote: no one pmed me to make a mixed team :C

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm OK?
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Only need 2 players to make a game happen - Sign-ups close and games start tomorrow evening - Let's Go!
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