I counted my years and found that I will have less time to live hereForward than I have ever lived so far.
I have much more past than future.
I feel like that boy who got a bowl of cherries ..
First, he sucked nonchalantly, but realizing that they were missing few, bite the lump.
I do not have time to deal with mediocrity.
I do not want to be in meetings where flamed egos are parading.
They are uneasy with envy, trying to destroy whom they admire, converting their houses, talents and luck.
I no longer have time for endless conversations to discuss useless subjects about other people's lives that are not part of mine.
I no longer have the time to manage people's misery, which despite Of chronological age, are immature.
I hate to confront the disaffection by who fought for the majestic place of Secretary general of the choir.
'People do not debate content, just the labels'.
My time has become scarce to debate labels, I want the essence,
My soul is in a hurry ...
Without many cherries in the basin, I want to live alongside human people,
Very human; Who knows how to laugh at his stumbling blocks, does not consider herself elected before the hour, know about mortality,
Walking close to real things and people,
The essencial makes life worth.
And for me, the essentials are enough!

Happy moments in 2017!

*I am almost a native English speaker. :)
Thanks given by: Robtics