I have got banned
Hello guys, I hope all is ok. Well, I as playing AC in my day off and suddenly i´ve got banned in a server, I dont remember wich one, but now I figure out that i banned in game. My nick in that moment was TheIt, is someone could give a hand on this I appreciate so much. Have a nice day and thank you.

PD: My IP is: 186.144.x.x
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a serverban is only 20 minutes, as long as you can connect to other servers there should be no issue and you can connect again to that specific server in 20 minutes (by the time you will read this: now.)
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I´ve been banned for 4 hours at least, i think got banned for all the game
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can you still join other servers?
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No, i can´t, I have picked several times random severs and, i got refused becouse i am banned in every server :(, that´s it is said
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Maybe you're caught in a rangeban then. Someone with access to cbl should look into this then.. Can't help you any further
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Thank you so much Marti for your support, have a nice day
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I found the issue, you should be okay as soon as the MS gets updated.
It can take a while so be patient.
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Thank you so much Med ;)
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