map maker
why is there not a map maker in the devs atm

Annoys me as there are so many kids out there making maps and no appreciation.
Custom maps will save AC ............just listen to what we want ?????

This is what will save AC not your silly security ideas.

ban me anytime your welcome.
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@camper maps included?
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Agree, new good maps are welcome. Man, you can do a nice map! Do what you want! Do what we want! A lot of people here can help you to learn about make maps.
I think anyone want ban you. New ideas are like new good maps, are ever welcome.
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vector, if you want to help, come to IRC.

There is only one way to become dev.
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perhaps I shall. But if I do come I bring friends with me. People who play this game everyday.

I do owe you an moment of respect. You have done well with the login . It is now easier than it was before.

that I appreciate as a good effort.
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