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There are some old skins I want to download but the site seems to be down. Why is that?
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Until we hear back from Luc@s the fate of ac-akimbo is unknown.
There are some rumors it was hacked and subsequently taken down.

This is a good reason why duplicating the package server on multiple real hosts is savvy.
However, without some kind of backup, the posts and other data are likely gone.

There is a backup... It is down. It is currently undetermined at one point it will be up again.
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For now you could use
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@X-Ray_Dog - That works for the game related content like maps and textures - so most users shouldn't notice any interruptions in the getmap and auto-download features. However, this doesn't help someone looking for custom skins, playermodels, weapons, scripts, or other mods that were hosted on the ac-akimbo site.
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Actually, they might notice interruption. The default AC client has three servers for it to ping when looking for akimbo and thanks to cloudflare, each server will continue to show as online. In the case of cloudflare, each server will likely show similar ping so the client won't be able to differentiate from what is up and what isn't iirc. The only working server at this time is the one mentioned above since the other two just went down with the main forum since I was the only host providing any redundancy.
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Rumors it was hacked? I'm pretty sure the same happened with akimbo as happened with the ac forum, and we all know who to blame
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@Marti I was just trying to give some info since no one had replied... :/
I am not actually 100% clear on who did it, so I wasn't going to toss a name out there.

If you would like to help enlighten us - do so.
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