Frag Central Network Servers are here!
Teabaggers and Campers alike, ahoy! I have been long overdue to make some mention here to announce the Frag Central Network.
Alas, I must make more of an apology than anything because I haven't put forth much effort here to let all of you fabulous shimmies get in on the details.

So I have put together some important information and contact info for any of you who may be interested.
[Image: frag_clogofull.png]
Frag Central Community Services

We host a community teamspeak server at the domain Anyone is welcome to join.
We are also putting together a Discord server @

We host a few AssaultCube servers with the aim of improving International availability of hosting. We recognize that not all of our locations are beneficial Internationally, but we also want to support other areas to, hopefully, enable friends in those regions to get together and enjoy this game as much as we have.

Frag Central AssaultCube Server List
Location Server Name Connect Script Server Type
Johannesburg, South Africa Provider: Host1Plus Speedtest Disk I/O: 281 MB/s
Active Selenium /connect 5500 Public
Active Cadmium /connect 5555 match Match
Bangalore, India Provider: Digital Ocean Speedtest Disk I/O: 604 MB/s
Active Sodium /connect 5500 Public
Active Aluminum /connect 5555 match Match
Sydney, Australia Provider: Vultr Speedtest Disk I/O: 469 MB/s
Active Radium /connect 5500 Public
Active Cobalt /connect 5555 match Match
Auckland, New Zealand Provider: Zappie Host Speedtest Disk I/O: 806 MB/s
Active Rubidium /connect 5500 Public
Active Nickel /connect 5555 match Match
Stockholm, Sweden Provider: HostHatch Speedtest Disk I/O: 313 MB/s
Active Carbon /connect 5500 Public
Active Tungsten /connect 5555 match Match
Alblasserdam, Netherlands Provider: RamNode Speedtest Disk I/O: 751 MB/s
Active Krypton /connect 5500 Public
Active Iron /connect 5555 match Match
Beauharnois, Canada Provider: OVH Speedtest Disk I/O: 110 MB/s
Active Oxygen /connect 5500 Public
Active Titanium /connect 5555 match Match
Quebec, Canada Provider: NewEra Web Speedtest Disk I/O: 104 MB/s
Active Neon /connect 5500 Public
Active Zinc /connect 5555 match Match
Atlanta, Georgia Provider: HostUS Speedtest Disk I/O: 558 MB/s
Active Lithium /connect 5500 Public
Active Gold /connect 5555 match Match
Dallas, Texas Provider: HostUS Speedtest Disk I/O: 562 MB/s
Active Arsenic /connect 5500 Public
Active Niobium /connect 5555 match Match
Los Angeles, California Provider: K9VPS Speedtest Disk I/O: 136 MB/s
Active Nitrogen /connect 5500 Public
Active Silver /connect 5555 match Match
Seattle, Washington Provider: RamNode Speedtest Disk I/O: 402 MB/s
Active Hydrogen /connect 5500 Public
Active Platinum /connect 5555 match Match
Sao Paulo, Brazil #1 Provider: Host1Plus Speedtest Disk I/O: 268 MB/s
Active Brazil Server Public /connect 9999 Public
Active Brazil Server Match /connect 1111 match Match
Sao Paulo, Brazil #2 Provider: Host1Plus Speedtest Disk I/O: 271 MB/s
Active Brazil Public Server /connect 9999 Public
Active Brazil Match Server /connect 1111 match Match

We offer the following configuration files publicly:
Blacklist Location:
Whitelist Location:
Match Server Menu:
Please note: Temporary bans are set to last 24 Hours. We generally expect that people should try to kick players where necessary and utilize the ban function only when it is truly required to end an undesirable situation.

Alternate Masterserver
We also host an alternate masterserver for anyone who wants a place to host their modified servers - we are accepting of servers modified up to 64 clients. Gameplay modifying servers are also welcome, as long as a brief explanation of the modifications is available in the serverinfo, or is self-evident in the title. Blinking server titles are ok, too.

The Masterserver address is
You can configure your server's connection by enabling the masterserver switch in your server configuration:

Server Administration

If you find you are in this list, but have lost or forgotten your password, or your password is not working, please contact me by Private Message here in the AssaultCube forum or by PM at

Server Administrator Application
If you believe you are fit to be an Admin on the Network, and you are willing to abide by the conduct listed at the Server Administration Wiki, then please contact either myself via PM here in the forum or at, or by posting a discussion with the relevant tags at

Thank you very much for your free services.
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We love you
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Thank you so much!
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Great work dude, thank you!
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Now this is really well put together forever, both server wise and this post, GG.
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My Fellow Cubers,

It is with a heavy heart I must announce today that, as the leases expire, I must begin letting the Frag-Central Network servers expire.

For those of you that know, I have been learning about and hosting AssaultCube servers for over 4 years now. It has been an amazing time. I wish it was something I could continue.

But I have been renting servers from my own pocket for this time. And there are a number of uncontrollable circumstances occurring in my life currently that prevent me from continuing to contribute to the cause financially.

It is a heart-breaking thing for me because this truly was something I dedicated my self to.

I will continue to host what I can afford to, and I will try to keep up with you guys here. I will also adapt with upcoming versions.

I just have to scale back, which is not such a loss. Many people already say there are too many servers anyway. My only joy was trying to bring often excluded locations in to the mix so that everyone could get the good side of the connection once in awhile.

With this, I do not expect the community to have any interest in contributing to the costs of hosting. And if someone does want to contribute, then I would urge them to consider giving it to the AC Devs to encourage further hosting of the masterserver and development of the game.

I did want to give the opportunity for anyone who would like to 'save' any of the servers that we host, I would accept donations via PayPal. PM me and I would be happy to give you details.

Otherwise, I would like to say thanks for all the games. It has been an honor to do this for this community.

Thank you to every one who has shown support for Frag-Central, and for all of your kind words of encouragement!

I want to make a special mention and a note of appreciation for gy_be and vector - for any one who enjoys our servers - thank them when you see them! Because of their efforts we will not have to close any servers!

Additionally, I am honoured to announce that gy_be has joined the Frag-Central Network team, as well!

Thank you, again, to all of you cubers out there that have shown us the love! We will not let you down!
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This is late I know,,,,,,, But the intention was always to place the servers in places with the most latency to help players that suffer with lag and contact . Namely play a game with minimum  lag . Lol we know the issues.
But for3v3r was always true to his word.  he tried his best to disperse the servers to allow people around the globe to take advantage..........

what a wonderful idea hey.                            I love it
And may I say For3v3r I would spend twice the price to do it are Especial to AC
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