AC Story Reboot
For those of you who know what this is it's coming back. Those of you don't... well you're in for a fun ride. I like to write. Don't know why I stopped, but I'll bet I can blame most of life's problems on the fact that I did. Anyways... I always enjoyed the RP (for lack of a better term) aspect of AC. Becoming someone else. Entering a world of people and making a name for yourself, good or bad, separate from reality. Imagination / Fantasy in a sense. It's real. Ya'll know it and have experienced it in some way. My characters are real ingame shimmies in real ingame situations / maps / battles etc... Problem is my list of chars are a bit outdated and I don't know enough of you new shimmies in my mind yet to make it real and if the modern players can't relate then there is no point in writing. Sooo I'd like to ask... any shimmies interested in being in the AC Story please make a post with your name and favorite weapon.

Like this,


Any other pertinent information such as fav maps, preferred style, teammates is more than welcome. That up above however is the minimum I'll require to start.

I can give you a date for when the first segment will be released. It'll be two weeks from the posting of this topic. 8/29/2016 - 9/12/2016.

P.S. The reason I am rebooting this? Well I happened to run into a certain snake-headed Dutch lass of the sexy kind and it brought back all sorts of awesome memories. ;).
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This reminds me of a thread where everyone added their line to a story iirc.

Hellspell/Desekrator/Unhallowed/unharmed (prior to someone creating a forum account with that username)/TheReturn... (promptly before someone in the lobby changed their nick to TheRetard...) formerly of NSL:, BZE|, and currently of |40+| (afaik anyway)
Fav weapon: The one that sounds like it's got a barrel full of sand
Fav map: GalacticSenatateBeta (God only knows what I'd do to have it again)
Fav server: Hanze OSOK 2
Playstyle: Standing idly in base while trying to resolve my screen tearing issue
Teammates: |40+|Bosko, |40+|shad-99, BZE|Mike, |40+|G.I.Joe, Darka aka |40+|Hawky!
Argh where are they all now, dammit.
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EndGame, The almighty Chilean King, South American Emperor and World Ruler.
ingress, keller, werk, gothic, etc.
a bit obsessive maybe
high-stable ping with lagging past.
with teapot and myself in shape, unbeatable duo (exagerate that part please) :-D
Gazda, arma, fede, BGZ and fundog should be mentioned as mates as well.
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Name(s) : DamDam, plenty of aliases, most notorious ones are : integrality, bobby91, jenifer, jackie78, Whosdatchick...

Favorite weapon(s) : sniper, grenades (vanq learnt from me gg)

Favorite map(s) : shine, werk (ohrly?) and DAMDAMAP

Strengths/Qualities : map awareness, decision making, teamwork,

Weaknesses/Defaults : aim, stubborn, argumentative,can come off as very unfriendly if you don't know me

Playstyle : aggressive, team-oriented & always looking for ways to score flags (CTF)

Shoutout to AC teamates/friends : [email protected], Milandrag, Giipsy, fundog, Gaby & KillerGirl, EL/Lemonade, yopa, Vanquish, Marti, Hosta, Shield, Harrek, Rifl3 & pumpkin boi xemi.
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The Mighty Martinator

Shotgun God and King of Nades

the one and only map is larry_brasil_sex_remix_2015

Do random aggresive shit ingame and it works.

Man's Dutch.
People thought i was either a girl or black, idk why

Always up for bants, rarely serious

Likes: anything involving drinking and milfs

mates would be 1cap, stef, grenadier, starix, and the one and only XKluTcHM0nSt3RX
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keegs vs |SS|Hitler
keegs in general
something about new zealand
come visit us we like tourists
keegs in general (again)
i like twintowers_2013_patched
no mates just king keegs
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- Shotgun
- Knife
- Armor-whore
- Damn nasty Camper slayer - ezkills4lyfe <3
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Thank you for all the solid replies shimmies. I'm going to drop this Wall of Text style once I finish the first part. Not all you who've posted will be in that first part but don't get hatchets and torches out too quick, you'll be in future ones.

If anyone would like to recommend a better, more computer savvy method of posting it, I'm all ears. :).
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If you created a pdf of it and uploaded it somewhere then you could just share the link.
If you post it here you might post it inside code tags to truncate the overall post scroll size? hmm...
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Sorry it's a little late guys. Work has been a real duece.
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As long as it's quality <3
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Damn right it'll be quality. This the Kell House of WriterGasm.
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Mechwarrior "death from sky" - my macs had strong legs
it reminded me 1989 - it was a great year to play rpg
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