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ACWC 2016 Award Ceremony
First off I would like to thank everyone who participated in the AssaultCube World Cup this year, none of this could have happened without our amazing players.

Next, I would like to thank my associate directors, Vanquish and Larry for all the hard work they have done to ensure this ACWC went on as planned.

I would also like to thank all of our refs, streamers, and casters for making this year of ACWC run smoothly.

Now on to the awards. Once again, I let the awards be decided by the community. Constructing the awards was done once again by my friend ironzorg, who has once again produced outstanding awards for us all to enjoy. Without further ado, here are this year's ACWC Award Winners!

First place
[Image: uoxbam.png]

Second place
[Image: hbazuo.png]

Third place
[Image: qpcskk.png]

Best flagger
[Image: wjucna.png]

Best teamplayer
[Image: yzbmsy.png]

Most improved
[Image: hbumpt.png]

Best defender
[Image: zfzfgp.png]

Best clutch
[Image: uukbcy.png]

Most fair playing
[Image: vyyrqs.png]

Community Team
Captain: Xemi
Player 2: Vanquish
Player 3: Sveark
Sub 1: Teapot
Sub 2: Million
Sub 3: Marti

Honourable Mention: GrazyTheGay
Thanks given by: Hostaa , =MyS=L , quico , Federico. , ironzorg
(22 Aug 16, 03:18AM)HoeHunter Wrote: Third place
[Image: qpcskk.png]

Sanzo Wrote:
Country/Region: France
Team Tag: Fra|
Captain: Sanzo
Players: Million, Redbull, Honor, Harrek, ech0

Thanks given by:
Looking smooth

Nice fra team :D
Thanks given by:
Since I couldn't possibly fit five names on the tags, I decided to only put the names of the players who played the finals.

Special award:
[Image: cbytpi.png]
Thanks given by: Hostaa , Marti , HoeHunter
Haha thanks, ironzorg. I just added the Community Team, too, sorry for the delay on that!
Thanks given by:
RayDen from chile? kkk he's from colombia, nabs ggs xD
Thanks given by: