about GEMA
I tried playing GEMA but on this server there are bosses who vote for kick / ban people who do not like them or kill them if someone kills me, he did not give a fuck anyone. They told me that I should suck up to someone to get your password but I do not and never liked ass licking anyone . If you do not want to vote even to kick someone make a private server and play just this is a free game and for me an obvious case of admin abuse.
ps: google translate.
Some shit admin: DotA tm ww.CPasBien.cm
ww.CPasBien.cm first kill me and after vote me for ban
demo: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B93hY0...2RLVjRLVVU
9 m remaning
This is not good for ac comunity.
Even the well-known hacker or cheater MasterofVotes kill me i kill him and someone vote for ban me defending this note shit.
but if someone want the WAR im ready.
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(04 Aug 16, 08:18PM)boxer Wrote: ps: google translate.


MasterOfVotes cheater??? this is new, u have proof?
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