Safe Haven for Hackers and Trolls...
Hacking is the tendency of the human brain to outperform others, by any means. So many players hacking is no surprise, and its gonna continue till the end of time. There is no stopping of hackers and that kind of desire. We can ban them, kick them but they are gonna try again, even to their last breath. If not in this game, then certainly in any other game. I suggest a different kind of approach...and here it is..

Instead of banning them for forever, let's give them a chance to play on an isolated server made available only for hackers to play. Let them compete with each other. But don't give them access to normal/Public servers. Whoever found guilty of hacking should be banned from normal servers, but they could play on Safe Haven servers. That way they can still play this game but with their own kind. If they wanna come play on normal/Public servers, then make them apologize for hacking publicly, on the forum and promise to never hack again.
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Are you a socialist by any chance?
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Just permaban any known hacker IPs from the masterserver. They can use lan.
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cheater? no!!! just a great DEV! i can compile my own AC and do some tricks, couse i'm special! i'm the best DEV around! this game is for me noobs! it's for special ppls ! if you dont have DEV skills go to hell kid!
life is so empty and i need attention! i create the best AC hax. you can't see it but it's there! stop ban me! i'll back ever again. i'm a great programer!!!!!!!!!

well, gimme some credits and i'll post here some scripts.want my scripts?

you know nothing jhon snow
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^ 1Cap confirmed hacker, CBL him

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(20 Nov 16, 05:14PM)Marti Wrote: ^ 1Cap confirmed hacker, CBL him

Also, it's john

It's actually "John" you forgot the uppercase
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Its Jon Snow wtf
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(22 Nov 16, 01:54PM)Nemo Wrote: Its Jon Snow wtf

sry i dont watch GoT
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I don't know why I still play this game, Assaultcube Reloaded is such an improvement.
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(24 Nov 16, 06:43PM)ZS/Horse Wrote: I don't know why I still play this game, Assaultcube Reloaded is such an improvement.

Good luck getting a game going. Just go play cod instead, infinite warfare is clearly the best.
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