On my old TOSHIBA Laptop, I get about 60-70 FPS on every map, even if I set my graphics to horrible! Is there anything I can do to get at least 100 FPS?
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"old toshiba laptop"
this one?
[Image: zm_laptop_toshiba_t1100_plus_1.JPG]
or this ?
[Image: DSC_0563_zps0a6c02bd.jpg]

or another one from billion toshiba laptops? ^^

anyway try to use low res like 640x480 800x600 etc

also OS is important, at my old pc i had about 400-600 fps with Windows 7, 700-900 with Windows XP, and unstable 1000 at Arch Linux (minimal install, drivers and openbox only)
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Turn off vsync
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60 fps on each map isn't low per say. If you never dip below that then your monitor most likely won't benefit anymore anyways.
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Vsync off, low res (like 640x480), low graphics. And with Windows xp you can get more fps. Gl :D
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Hi minion ^^

and here are a few
texreduce 3 //Reduces texture resolution
trilinear 0 //Disables trilinear filtering
bilinear 0 //Disables bilinear filtering (ugly as hell)
dynlights 0 //Disables dynamic lights
dynshadow 0 //Disables dynamic shadows
minlod 60 //Lower level of detail
vsync 0 //No vertical sync
lighterror 25 //The higher, the faster, the uglier
maxfps 500 //High framerate limit (but it doesn't mean it will go that high)

^ Courtesty Of Gibstick :D
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/gibnum 1000
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