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[Match Thread: Losers' Round 2] Brazil vs United Kingdom
Official Match Thread
Brazil vs United Kingdom

Map Pool: desert3, ingress, urban, elevation, arabian
The teams should take it in turns to blacklist a map from the pool until only one remains. That map is then played on both sides.

Time and Date: 18 July, 22:30 GMT
Deadline: 25 July

Both teams should contact each other and arrange a time to play. If the match is unplayed at the end of the deadline, the team that made the best effort will advance at the directors’ discretion.

Twitch Stream VOD:
On Air Talent: Marti and HoeHunter

Referee: Million and Hosta
Once you have a time set and way of contacting each other, post it in this thread so a referee can be provided.

Results: 1-1 (UK wins by flags)
[Image: 1iKFy8f.jpg]
[Image: 1SlbPmP.jpg]
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Urban, elevation, and ingress! :-D
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(15 Jul 16, 12:50PM)Mise Wrote: ingress! :-D

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ban that map first, don't be morry
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You have a great mappool
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Great map pool indeed

Hope if I comment here won't get another warning level
Ty pussyboy hoe
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Talking with Fury, it seems Monday, Tuesday or Thursday can probably work at 10:30pm GMT+1 or a little later. Neither UK or Brazil have confirmed for certain though.
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Looks like the game will be at 22:30 GMT today according to UK, not 100% sure however.
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I will be there even later.
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We play at 11:30pm BST tonight.
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Posting as requested by Million. The map picked was ac_urban, again. VOD available here
EDIT: YouTube Mirror

Round 1: United Kingdom 9 - 2 Brazil

Round 2: United Kingdom 1 - 3 Brazil

Aggregate score: United Kingdom 10 - 5 Brazil

ggs wp
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GGs to both teams.
UK will go on to play the winner of Russia and France/USA. Brazil is eliminated from the tournament finishing in 5th-6th place. Check the bracket for more detailed information.
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once burned, twice shy, third time rekt
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(15 Jul 16, 07:07PM)Mise Wrote: Great map pool indeed

Hope if I comment here won't get another warning level
Ty pussyboy hoe

Top organizer.
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