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[Match Thread: Round 2] France vs United States
Ok since there is no match thread for our game against the winner of this match:

I leave on holiday 26th early morning, and subjective leaves the 29th. So we (mostly me) prefer to play this game before the 25th. If both teams could already just look in their schedule to find some time to play ASAP after this game, it would be appreciated.

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Honor will probably be late (extra work hours)
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I should be there tonight.
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Wp france,

we will see you soon :D
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Intense game :O GGs hope to see you again !

[Image: Ml5lofq.jpg]

[Image: Wfht0YN.jpg]

Tiebreaker (picked randomly) :
[Image: AgCIQj8.jpg]

[Image: enR8Deg.jpg]
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Great games guys, looks very toughly fought! GL to France and USA in losers?
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since theres no matchthread yet.

what about 9pm GMT+2 on saturday?
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