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[Match Thread: Qualifier] United States A vs United States B
Official Match Thread

United States A vs United States B

Map Pool: power, arabian, urban, lainio, aqueous
The teams should take it in turns to blacklist a map from the pool until only one remains. That map is then played on both sides.

Time and Date: 22 June - 01:00 GMT
Both teams should contact each other and arrange a time to play. If the match is unplayed at the end of the deadline, the team that made the best effort will advance at the directors’ discretion.

Referee: Z3RO
Once you have a time set and way of contacting each other, post it in this thread so a referee can be provided.

Results: USA A 23-0 USA B
Twitch Stream Recording
[Image: Z5TnCw1.jpg]
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Game is tonight 9pm EDT, which is 22 June 01:00 GMT. If any confirmed referee is available please let me know. Stream is at:
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isnt vanq a ref too?
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(22 Jun 16, 12:11AM)Marti Wrote: isnt vanq a ref too?
He can be, if needed
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wtf is the map pool
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VOD available: / (casters are Undead, HoeHunter + Z3R0)

ggs wp, cya in the next round USA. :)
Thanks given by: HoeHunter , Hostaa , Nemo , thla
Quote:Players should use their well-known names to signup and in game.

Who played for each team ?
Thanks given by: Marti
Waffles, Xemi, LuCk vs PhaNtom, swattlellama, brutality
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GG's guys
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