to help the admin ban kick
I don't have time to do a ban and a kick,in the game a lot of bullies))

how to set the rules of the game that would have made a kick team killers and hackers?)) is there such a thing?
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Have you tried this?
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(12 Mar 16, 09:17PM)Medusa Wrote: Have you tried this?

there's a lot of settings,but I have not found what I need.
1. autokick teamkiller -2 life(when a player murders shows)
2. autoban which furnished to those who uses programs hackers
3. how to disable the command "restore all bans"

I would be grateful for any help :)
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the issue has been resolved.
banthreshold, -1..-100, default -3
kickthreshold, -1..-100, default -2
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