Be filled with fear, |DnC| is here!
But don't be too scared... As some of you may know we have been around the AC block for some time.

We're just a fun-loving band of Cubers from around the world, enjoying some games together. And you should know we'd love to enjoy some games with you, too!

We just felt it was time to let everyone know we're alive and kicking - and screaming.

If you feel the need to hit us up you can find us chillaxing on the Frag Central Teamspeak @ most days.
We also have a Discord server that you can get to via
Additionally, werecently put up a forum to further our adventures together and give us a place for some quality-sharing time with the community.

If you wanna drop by hit us up @

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Spooky :( We won't play with you again ;)
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Weeeeeeh T_T
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Nice f0r3v3r
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I like
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Yeah sorry you didn't make my list xD

1v1 me? >;D
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(29 Mar 16, 10:18PM)+f0r3v3r+ Wrote: Yeah sorry you didn't make my list xD

1v1 me? >;D

I'd lose :D I wouldn't put me in the top 30 anyway :P
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(30 Mar 16, 01:16PM)Million Wrote: I wouldn't put in the top 30 anyway :P

Lies xD
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Grazy is 2 stronk
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a top 30 with lucas in it?

wtf is this?

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