Who uses fixed maprotations?
Who uses fixed maprotations and why?

AC allows the maprot to disallow voting for other games. I'd like to know, if anyone uses that feature - and for what reason.
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we did on the old .45 servers...
When you joined the Tosok/Osok Server you knew that only Tosok/Osok can be voted, also the other way round, when you joined the CTF Only server nobody could vote for Tosok/Osok.
If I understood you right :D
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As an example:

ac_shine : 5:12: 0
ac_desert3 : 5:12: 0
ac_desert :11:10: 0

This would force the server in a loop of ctf shine, ctf desert3 and tosok desert - and only an admin would be able to change to anything else.

Does anyone use such a maprot with zeros the the "vote" column?
If you do: why?
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I tried it once only for the purpose of enforcing a particular maprot I wanted to see played.
I had seen it was an option in the configuration, and I thought it would also help stop mid-game voting.
Well, it did stop the voting... But it resulted in the server being abandoned as soon as there was a map that the majority didn't want to play. So it seemed pretty useless to keep up.
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Got it, nope didn't use it...
As forever pointed out, it helps to stop mid-game voting, but if people don't want to play a certain map in the rotation it becomes senseless...
It's better to "ban" certain maps and allow voting, instead of not allow voting at all
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I found this feature very useful for clan custom maprot, but i have used some switch in server commandline for it. If you finally attract players for your custom maps, i don't like the voting for crappy or other maps. If you don't like next map, just go away. Also I tested few official maprots and I found the combination of few maps which get your server more attractive. It is like if you sell potatoes, you offer potatoes. I don't like servers with 50 maps in random order/mode.
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Follow-up question:

What features do you miss regarding the maprot?
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What features did we miss before 1.2?
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i know that ac is not other games but a cool feature could be multi-map voting. By this i mean a server (maprot in this case) could start a vote that gives player an option of (say 3) maps to vote on and they could cast their vote.

multiple times the cut and dry "do you want to play des_3 for the 5th time in a row" is a little too constrictive. This would also allow map rotations to "breathe" so to speak with current configurations. If for some reason an admin wanted to assert their totalitarian whim, they could do so in a slightly more representative way.
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This is what the new maprot looks like:
// default settings for all maps:
* ctf|dm|htf|ktf|lss|osok|pf|surv|tdm|tktf|tlss|tosok|tpf|tsurv mintime:4 maxtime:20
* ctf|htf|tdm|tktf|tlss|tosok|tpf|tsurv time:15 maxteamsize:6  minplayers:4 // team modes
* dm|ktf|lss|osok|pf|surv               time:10 maxteamsize:10 maxplayers:7 // ffa modes

// default tweaks
* lss|osok|surv|tlss|tosok|tsurv weight:-10 // be careful with suggesting arena modes automatically
* pf|surv|tlss|tpf|tsurv manual:1 // players need to really want these
* ctf weight:10 // some players like this mode

see also: https://github.com/ac-stef/AC/blob/6cd44...maprot.cfg

Instead of being just a list, it is a means to set attributes for every combination of map and mode. Attributes are default game time, optimal range for number of players and how much the server owner likes the combination and how often it should come up. Other attributes can restrict voting or prevent the server from starting a game automatically (which means, a game would have to be voted for).

By shorting the map name with a placeholder (like "ac_desert*" or just "*", as above), rules can be applied to several (or all) maps at once - which is how the above example is actually a maprot that will play all maps known to the server.
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it is cool to have editable time and min/max player. I would add else some info tags into cfg files of maps, server admins can read such information there.

what means Elvis ? :)
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Is it possible to keep a maprot in the same mode. If e.g. once TOSOK is voted, the server only takes the TOSOk entries out of the maprot (same for CTF/DM/...)?
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Actually, one goal was it to make the maprot remember the played game modes of the last hour - to avoid overplaying one mode (or map).

However - I can see, why you're asking for this, so I added another server parameter to customise the effect of past game modes. Default is still to avoid playing the same mode over and over, but now you can also choose to ignore past played modes or even to prefer playing the same modes - or anything in between, it's a scale from -100 to +100.
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I used to use fixed maprots but quickly stopped because people would leave as soon as a map they didn't like came up.
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